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My name is Francesca Mattioli and I am first-year Special Education teacher here at Garvin. I teach the self-contained learning disabilities program for grades 3-5. Prior to this new and exciting experience, I worked as a teacher assistant in the self-containted autism program for grades 3-5 in the same building. I completed my master's degree in Special Education in May 2012 at Rutgers University,while simultaneously preparing to embark on this new journey of having my first classroom for this present school year. It is my education philosophy that an effective teacher caters to his/her students needs, especially students with disabilities. Students should learn and appreciate the value of education, and accentuate the need for achievements and failures as an essential learning instrument and personal growth development. With continuous hard work and great effort, I have no doubt that my students will continue to grow and progress to the best of their ability.
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